Impromptu Speeches Guidelines and Grading Criteria

Impromptu Speeches Guidelines and Grading Criteria 

            These are short speeches that you will present to the class. You must follow the format provided in order to make a 100.  You must also meet the time limit of 60 seconds for the first speech and 90 seconds for the second speech.


            First, you will select three topics from 10 to 30 topics that will be face down so that you cannot see the topics you are selecting. 

            You will then have two minutes to select the topic of the three that you want to speak on and you should address the topic meeting the required time limit.     


To make a 100 on this topic you must do the following:


1.  Meet the required time limit of the full 60 seconds for the first speech and the full 90 seconds.                                                                   


2.  STAY ON TOPIC!  If you are asked to talk about your favorite activity, do not talk about your favorite activity and then talk about your second favorite activity.                                                                                                                   


3.   Make eye contact with the audience                         (15pts)           

4.   Project loudly enough so everyone can hear             (15pts)

5.   Speak using the format that follows:                         (40pts)  

Read the topic you selected to the class. (10pts)

With the card you slected in your hand, say, "The topic I’ve chosen is: ...."

(Read directly from the card). 

For example, “The topic I have chosen is:  If you could be anyone else for one week who would you choose and why?”


Restate the topic in the opening sentence of your response to the topic selected.  (10pts)

For example, “If I could be anyone in the world for one week, I would be …


Briefly restate your topic and answer.  This will conclude your oral presentation. (10pts)


For example:  “So, if I could be anyone in the world for one week it would be_________.”


Thank the audience.  NEVER say “So, yeah” or “that’s it.” (10pts)